xData Platform

The main components of the xData Platform include an event data warehouse (EvWH), WebAPI endpoints and gateways that provide API access via the Web, a set of execution modules for various APIs, data loaders that collect(Extraction-Transform-Load: ETL) event data from external data sources, and development tools such as JupyterHub, an integrated Python program development environment.

Please refer to the "WebAPI Manual" below for the xData Platform WebAPI and the "Data Loader Development Manual" for the data loader.

xData Edge

Like the xData Platform, xData Edge consists of EvWH, a set of API execution modules, a data loader and development tools. Users can deploy xData Edge in their own computing or cloud environment using the installer package for Ubuntu OS.
The xData Edge can execute data collection and analysis processing in conjunction with the xData Platform via WebAPI, or can execute information assets independently from the Edge. Private data, including personal information, can also be processed within the xData Edge, and anonymized information can be sent to the xData Platform for analysis.

Please refer to the following "Edge Manual" for xData Edge installation and development tool usage, "WebAPI Manual" for WebAPI, "Data Loader Development Manual" for data loader, and "Information Asset Catalog" for available information assets.